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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Last Day at Zion National Park

On what was to be the last day, we went through Zion National Park. This is my favorite of all of the national parks. After making the drive through the park, we decided to extend our vacation one more day.

8x10 ZionsIMG_8770

8x10 Zion IMG_8820

5x7 Upper Emerald Falls Zions IMG_8794

8x10 Zions IMG_8664

5x7 Zion IMG_8800

5x7 Wildflower, Zion IMG_8693

5x7 Wildflower, Zion IMG_8702

5x7 Wildflower, Zion IMG_8714

5x7 Wildflower, Zion IMG_8752

5x7 Wildflower, Zion IMG_8768

On to the Grand Canyon

The next stop on our vacation was the Grand Canyon where we spent a couple of days. Spring wildflowers had not yet appeared and the California Condor was not to be found.

8x10 Grand Canyon IMG_8579

5x7 Grand Canyon IMG_8555

8x10 Grand Canyon IMG_8498

8x10 Grand Canyon IMG_8645

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Beauty of Death Valley

The next stop on our vaction was Death Valley. Having never been there before we only planned two days. Next time we will plan for more.

5x7 Death Valley Telescope Peak IMG_8404

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8431

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8355

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8334

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8336

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8339

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8342

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8345

5x7 Death Valley Desert Five Spot IMG_8371

5x7 Death Valley IMG_8392

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red Canyon, Nevada

We recently had a chance to go on vacation and visited some neat areas. As you will see the wild flowers were out in full force. Here are some photos from the first area we visited, Red Canyon, just west of Las Vegas, Nevada.

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8129

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8140

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8145

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8152

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8155

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8165

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8167

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8216

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8232

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8235

5x7 Red Canyon Nevada IMG_8253