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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presidents Day at Bryce Canyon National Park

On the way home from Zion we stopped at Bryce Canyon.  We saw a little bit more blue sky on this day.  The perfect end to a great weekend.

5x7 Bryce canyon IMG_0808

8x10 Bryce Canyon IMG_0802

8x10 Bryce Canyon IMG_0813

8x10 Bryce Canyon IMG_0751

8x10 Mountain Chickadee Bryce Canyon IMG_0771
Mountain Chickadee

8x10 Mountain Chickadee Bryce Canyon Fract IMG_0771

8x10 Steller's Jay Bryce Canyon IMG_0774
Steller's Jay

8x10 Steller's Jay Bryce Canyon Fract IMG_0774

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zion National Park - Day two

The second day at the park was also wet and snowy.  The fog was not as dense and in the afternoon some blue sky was seen and the sun made a brief appearance.  We saw some desert bighorn sheep on the east rim.

8x10 Zion NP IMG_0677

8x10 Zion NP BW IMG_0643

8x10 Zion NP BW IMG_0588

8x10 Zion NP IMG_0612

8x10 Zion NP IMG_0648

8x10 Zion NP IMG_0656

8x10 Zion NP IMG_0728

8x10 Zion NP IMG_0733

5x7 Zion NP IMG_0736

8x10 Zion NP IMG_0739

Monday, February 21, 2011

Zion National Park - Day one

For President's Weekend we visited Zion National Park. On the first day it was either snowing or raining and the clouds hid most of the formations.

8x10 IMG_0540 -1

8x10 Menu Falls IMG_0458 -1

8x10 IMG_0513 -1

8x10 IMG_0523 -1

8x10 BW IMG_0530 -1

8x10 IMG_0507 -1