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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

North to Alaska Day Fifteen and Sixteen - Mt Lassen National Park - The Final Days

Day fifteen we are headed home.  We stop at Mt Lassen National Park for our final excursion.  This is another park where we could of spent more time.   On day sixteen we hurried through Nevada on I80, across the Salt Flats and home.  It was a great trip.

8x10 Mt Lassen National Park IMG_0071

8x10 Mt Lassen National Park IMG_0092

8x10 Mt Lassen National Park IMG_0107

8x10 Mt Lassen National Park IMG_0111

8x10 Mt Lassen National Park IMG_0119

Sunday, August 29, 2010

North to Alaska - Day Fourteen - California Redwoods

On day fourteen we continued down the coast to California. We spent sometime in the redwoods.

8x10 California Coast IMG_7806

8x10 California Coast IMG_7802

8x10 Redwoods IMG_7824

8x10 Redwoods IMG_0005

5x7 Redwoods IMG_0052

8x10 California Coast IMG_7811

Saturday, August 28, 2010

North to Alaska - Days Twelve and Thirteen - Oregon Coast

For the next two days we made a whirlwind trip down the Oregon Coast.  I could have spent two weeks on the coast, but we did a lot in the short time we were there.

8x10 Oregon Coast IMG_7623

8x10 Oregon Coast IMG_7664

8x10 Oregon Coast IMG_7796

5x7 Oregon Coast IMG_7687

8x10 Oregon Coast IMG_7765

5x7 Oregon Coast IMG_7778

5x7 Oregon Coast IMG_7791

8x10 Oregon Coast IMG_7732

5x7 Oregon Coast IMG_7697

Friday, August 27, 2010

North to Alaska - Day Eleven - Mount St. Helens N.P.

On day eleven we visited Mount St. Helens National Park. We have been lucky with clear cloud free days for both our visit to Mt. Rainier and Mt St. Helens.

8x10 Mt. St. HELENS IMG_7616

8x10 Mt. St. HELENS IMG_7620

8x10 Mt. St. HELENS IMG_7617

8x10 Mt. St. HELENS IMG_7592

5x7 Mt. St. HELENS IMG_7607

8x10 Mt. St. HELENS IMG_7597

5x7 Mt Rainier from Mt. St. HELENS IMG_7618
Mt. Rainier in the distance.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

North to Alaska - Day Ten - Seatle

It is day ten and the cruise is over.  On this day we took in the sights of Seatle.

5x7 Seattle, Washington IMG_0787
Our ship from the Space Needle

8x10 Seattle, Washington IMG_0790

5x7 Seattle, Washington IMG_7585

8x10 Seattle, Washington IMG_0789

Friday, August 13, 2010

North to Alaska - Day Nine - Victoria, Canada

On day nine we made our final stop in Victoria, Canada.  This was an evening stop.  Earlier in the day I noticed my camera battery was low and I put it in the charger.  When we got off the ship I had my camera, but the battery was still in the cabin.  The photos taken at Buchart Gardens were done with my wife's point and shoot.  It did a nice job.  The weakness came in the low light situations.

8x10 Victoria, Canada IMG_0782

8x10 Victoria, Canada IMG_0786

4x6 Victoria, Canada DSC01557

8x10 Victoria, Canada DSC01559

5x7 Victoria, Canada DSC01577

5x7 Victoria, Canada DSC01571

5x7 Victoria, Canada DSC01570

8x10 Victoria, Canada DSC01556

Sunday, August 8, 2010

North to Alaska - Day Eight - Ketchikan

On day seven went stopped at Ketchikan, Alaska.  It was raining hard most of the time we were there. 

8x10 ketchikan IMG_0670

8x10 ketchikan IMG_0671

8x10 ketchikan IMG_0667

8x10 ketchikan IMG_0677

8x10 ketchikan IMG_0674

8x10 ketchikan IMG_0681

Saturday, August 7, 2010

North to Alaska - Day Seven - Glacier Bay National Park

Day seven was another day spent entirely at sea. On this day we visited Glacier Bay National Park. Here are some of the shots of the area.

8x10 Glacier Bay NPIMG_0459

5x7 Glacier Bay NP IMG_0447

8x10 Glacier Bay NPIMG_0485

8x10 Glacier Bay NP IMG_0486

8x10 Glacier Bay NP IMG_0488

5x7 Glacier Bay NP IMG_0452

8x10 Glacier Bay NPIMG_0515

8x10 Glacier Bay NP IMG_0533

8x10 Glacier Bay NPIMG_0542

8x10 Glacier Bay NP IMG_0555

5x7 Glacier Bay NP IMG_0658