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Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas Meadows

Here are some pictures of the Uintas taken on a recent trip to Christmas Meadows.  Still a lot of snow and the streams were running high blocking most of the hiking trails we tried.  Like every trip taken this year we were rained on.  I wonder if Texas would pay to have us visit them?

8x10 Christmas Meadows IMG_1941
Christmas Meadows at sunset

8x10 Colorado Columbine IMG_1921
Colorado Columbine

5x7 Colorado Columbine IMG_1909

5x7 Elephants Head IMG_1882
Elephant Head
(Pedicularis groenlandica)
One of the most interesting plants found in northern Utah. The flower stems grow about one foot high and bear one quarter inch flowers which look exactly like little magneta-pink elephants heads. They flower in July and August and are found damp alpine areas.

4x6 Cameron Uintas IMG_1845
We enjoyed the company of this little guy.